Five short clips about seastars, whales, dolphins, and jellies that blew my mind. Watch!

Although there are many perks of being employed, food and shelter being some, one of the things I miss most about my fun-employment days is being a pioneer in finding gold on YouTube. I was always finding funny animal videos, subpar song covers, and, occasionally, amazing underwater videos, but now I feel fathoms behind… It’s time for me to spend a bit of time digging through social media and refresh myself with some new ocean footage, at the very least.

On the top of my list of videos recommended for you, is a video I came across last night on the Deepseanews blog. A post by Miriam Goldstein highlights some AMAZING footage of seastar preying on a mussel. I’ve seen this many times in the wet lab – a menacing seastar envelops a helpless clam or mussel as it secretes digestive enzymes to break apart and liquify the insides of the mollusc – but never before have I seen this from the point of view of the victim! This video will tantalize you with suspense… don’t spill your popcorn!

Next on my list is something that is also on my bucket list to see in real life; cooperative bubblenet feeding. Humpback whales use this technique by exhaling in a circle underwater to aggravate schools of fish into a dense “net” of bubbles, from which they can then entrap from underneath in their large throat grooves. Here is an amazing blog post by Gina Ruttle (Whalegeek) with breathtaking stills and video footage of 19 humpbacks cooperatively using this technique together. Here’s one still to tease yah…

“Cooperatively bubblenetting humpback whales in SE Alaska, USA” – Gina Ruttle

Next is a video of a pod of dolphins. Yeah, yeah, you’ve seen that before… but not like this! In this viral video, you are given an underwater perspective of the pacific white-sided action (man, I want a GoPro), and the image is so crisp, and the water is so azure, and the dolphins are so lovely, and ahhh, so great! Thank you Mark Peters for this delightful accident.

Lastly, here is a video of a beautiful piece of plankton that lives just off our shores here in the Pacific Northwest; the Lion’s Mane Jelly! The Marine Detective caught some mesmerizing footage on one of her dives the other week, so feast your eyes…

There you have it… inspired to go diving or traveling or get your butt off your computer? I am! Time to research winter travels to Southeast Asia :D

Have any videos you want to share with me?! Comment or tweet em my way (@SeaingBlue)!


Watch as a surfer almost gets swallowed by a humpback whale! That’s what you get for paddling on top of a bait ball, silly.

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